he said "don't call yourself a baby"

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um if you’re waiting for gavin and i to break up so you can have a turn it’s not going to happen so you don’t need to keep checking up on me about it.

but i have been told that my curves are lovely and beautiful and that my hair is perfect and that i am so smart and also very funny. so i don’t need to be resentful and jealous of sydney who i barely even know anyways. 

this girl in my evening class looks like a fucking model no matter what she walks in wearing; frizzy hair glasses casual dress black sweater. there is no shape at all to this damn outfit and i bet she just woke up and she looks perfect. i am dying

i thought if i didn’t want anything, everything would be easier. it wasn’t. but somehow i continued to believe that was the answer??? then i found somebody i really wanted

i thought i could get by without wanting anything and then i found somebody i really wanted and now i am so happy

hahaha can we not talk about this in anthropology 

Yeah cause I reallllly wanna feel like this again. (NOPE.)

the depression blog has become the pregnancy scare blog what’s up kids